UNL PGA Golf Management Alumni Among Nebraska Section Award Winners

April 15, 2021
Seth Scollard and Gil Russell with awards

On March 29, the Nebraska PGA honored nine individuals and one facility for outstanding achievements in a variety of areas of the golf industry during the 2020 season. Two of the nine come from the ranks of the PGA Golf Management Program here in the Center for Grassland Studies.

Seth Scollard won the Patriot Award for his work with PGA HOPE. PGA HOPE is an outreach program developed by the PGA focused on bringing the joys of the game of golf to veterans who have put their lives on the line for our country. Seth’s dedication to PGA Hope on a state-wide level has, without a doubt, impacted the lives of these veterans in countless positive ways. In a note to the Special Awards Selection Committee, Seth said: “Growing up, I was raised to always give respect to our nation’s veterans as they have sacrificed their lives for our freedom we get to enjoy every single day. We should never take that for granted. PGA HOPE has given me the opportunity to give back to our local heroes in a unique way.”

Gil Russell won the highest honor awarded by the section, the Golf Professional of the Year. Gil stated in his note to the committee: “The work that I do every day is not to win awards, nor is it to be recognized for the service I put in but more of my passion to serve others.” After graduating from the PGA Golf Management Program at Nebraska in 2011, Gil worked at ArborLinks in Nebraska City. In 2017, Gil took an opportunity to become the General Manager of Norfolk Country Club where he led an extensive renovation project, rebuilding the clubhouse and pool areas of the club. In 2019 Gil made another move, this time to Happy Hollow Club in Omaha as an Assistant General Manager where he’s already helped to lead that club to an award for Facility of the Year.

Gil is currently finishing up his term as President of the Nebraska Section PGA. He was first elected to an officer role in 2015, making him the youngest to enter the officer ranks in the history of the Nebraska Section.

The PGA Golf Management Program is extremely proud to have both of these tremendous individuals among the ranks of our alumni!