pgm students on internships

Gain Hands-On Experience at Golf Courses Around the World

A robust internship program sits at the heart of the program. 16 months of full-time internship work in the golf industry are required prior to graduation. That makes the PGA Golf Management Program one of the most "hands-on" programs at the University! Internships are typically divided into three experiences. One three month experience following your first year on campus, a six to seven month experience following your second year and another six to seven months after year three and prior to graduation. The sequencing of these experience is designed to be as flexible as possible to allow you to take advantage of all of the awesome opportunities that the industry has to offer.

The program supports students during every phase of the internship experience, from getting your first résumé and cover letter prepared, to finding the right experience for you. We maintain a database with over a thousand facilities that we work with. We also conduct in-person site visits to ensure that your experience is as great as it can be. Every step of the process is documented thoroughly so that we can do our best in making your experience valuable and unforgettable.

Students are encouraged to branch out and try a variety of facilities in a variety of locations (nationally and globally) One of the most common questions we get is related to finding housing at these sites. Many host facilities arrange for housing as part of their offering to attract students to intern at their facilities. If it is not offered by the facility, the facility will typically have a relationship with an apartment complex to help arrange housing. This is an absolutely fantastic opportunity for students to explore the industry while gaining the valuable skills needed to be successful in their careers.

Explore this map to see a sample of where some of our interns landed in 2021! (Note: not all interns are represented, only those that chose to openly share where they were going.)