Past Conferences

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Speakers and Topics from Past Nebraska Grazing Conferences

Program speakers and topics are listed below by year. Conference proceedings (printed in black/white) containing content of the presentations are distributed at registration check-in. Beginning with 2012, pdf files of the presentations are available online after the conference; simply click on the presenter name.

2016 Nebraska Grazing Conference

  • Using cover crops for fall forage, Mary Drewnoski, UNL, Lincoln, NE

  • Grazing diversity with annuals and cover crops, Wayne Rasmussen, Plainview, NE

  • Heifer Link: A program to help young ranchers get started, Ron Rosati and Doug Smith, Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture, University of Nebraska, Curtis, NE (plus Heifer Link information page & application)

  • Giving/getting opportunities to start a grazing operation – Lyle Perman, Lowry, SD; Ryan Sexson, Nenzel, NE

  • Pyric herbivory to promote livestock production and wildlife conservation, Sam Fuhlendorf, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK

  • Effect of grazing system type on bird habitats and bird communities in the Nebraska Sandhills, Maggi Sliwinski, UNL, Lincoln, NE 

  • Management practices of 2015 Leopold Conservation Award winner: Shaw Family, Brian Shaw, Fairfield, NE 

  • Forage and future U.S. beef production, Derrell Peel, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK

  • Factors to consider when making economic decisions in larger grazing operations, Trey Patterson, Padlock Ranch Co, Ranchester, WY (plus his presentation slides that were not included in the printed proceedings)

  • Holistic herding and planned grazing, Bob Kinford, Van Horn, TX
  • Building rangeland resilience to drought, Tonya Haigh, UNL, Lincoln, NE
  • The positive side of drought and drought planning at Daybreak Ranch, Jim Faulstich, Highmore, SD (plus the text to go with the slides)
  • Impact of removal of corn residue on grain yield and forage measurements at six cooperator sites, Rick Rasby, UNL, Lincoln, NE

2015 Nebraska Grazing Conference

  • Poisonous native range plants (talk 1) and Livestock poisoning associated with cultivated crops (talk 2), Richard Knight, Tucson, AZ (formerly with Colorado State U.)

  • Management practices of 2014 Leopold Conservation Award winner: Pelster Family, Duane Pelster, Ericson, NE

  • Influencing livestock grazing distribution, Mitch Stephenson, UNL, Scottsbluff, NE

  • Ecosystem benefits from fire and future consequences of not burning, Dirac Twidwell, UNL, Lincoln, NE

  • Grassland response to prescribed burns, Russ Bloom, Scotia, NE, Michael Clarke, Berwyn, NE and Scott Stout, Curtis, NE

  • Into the future: Wyoming grazing from a startup perspective, Sage Askin, Riverton, WY

  • Controlling risk in grazing-based production systems, Jay Parsons, UNL, Lincoln, NE 

  • Incorporating annual forages into crop-forage-livestock systems, Daren Redfearn, UNL, Lincoln, NE

  • Using annual forage/cover crops, Nancy Peterson, Gordon, NE & Jerry Glaser, Spalding, NE

  • Prescribed fire effects and benefits for cattle, Derek Scasta, University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY
  • Reducing fly populations on pastured cattle, David Boxler, UNL, North Platte, NE

2014 Nebraska Grazing Conference

2013 Nebraska Grazing Conference

  • Key indicators of ranch efficiencies and resource management and monitoring, Burke Teichert, Teichert Management and Consulting and former Rex Ranch manager, Orem, UT

  • Gracie Creek Ranch grazing plan historical and where we are now, Bob Price and Lindsey Smith, and Terry DeGroff, Management Information Systems, Burwell, NE

  • Insects as agents of improved rangeland quality and cattle production, Sean Whipple, UNL Panhandle Research & Extension Center, Scottsbluff, NE

  • Managing grassland for multiple uses: making the pieces fit, Jim Faulstich, Highmore, SD

  • Managing two billion gallons of water, Lyle Perman, Lowry, SD

  • Fitting grazing strategies to your environment, Nebraska producer panel: Douglas Olsen, Harrisburg; Jeff Pribbeno, Imperial; Dan Stelling, Pierce

  • Adaptive grazing on semi-arid range, Grady Grissom, Fowler, CO

  • Management practices of 2012 Leopold Conservation Award winner, Chad and Homer Buell, Bassett, NE

  • Fitting hunting into the rest of a grazing operation, Jim Faulstich

  • Grazing has gone to the birds at Calamus Outfitters, Sarah Sortum, Calamus Outfitters/Gracie Creek Landowners, Burwell, NE

  • Cover crop and fall annual forage grazing, Karla Jenkins, UNL Panhandle Research & Extension Center, Scottsbluff, NE and Jerry Volesky, UNL West Central Research & Extension Center, North Platte, NE



2012 Nebraska Grazing Conference

  • Managing for ecosystem services and livestock production: Are there tradeoffs? Justin Derner, USDA-ARS High Plains Grasslands Research Station, Cheyenne, WY

  • Managing for biodiversity and livestock: Fire and grazing, Sandy Smart, South Dakota State University, Brookings, SD

  • Management practices of 2011 Leopold Conservation Award winner, Beau Mathewson, Potter, NE

  • Federal and state endangered species on ranches: Cost-share programs, Mike George, USFWS-Ecological Services, Grand Island, NE

  • Concurrent Sessions:

  • A) Winter grazing -- Nancy Peterson, Gordon; Al Svajgr, Cozad; Terry Klopfenstein, UNL, Lincoln

  • B) Decision making using monitoring -- Chad Buell, Bassett; Rod Christen, Steinauer; Bill Vodehnal, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, Bassett

  • Training livestock to eat weeds, Kathy Voth, Livestock for Landscapes, LLC, Loveland, CO (day presentation and evening workshop)

  • Managing drought risk on the ranch: Introduction & climate outlook, Cody Knutson, NDMC, UNL, Lincoln

  • Writing a drought plan: Step by step drought planning -- Pat Reece, Prairie & Montane Enterprises, Gering; Livestock/feeding considerations for drought risk management -- Rick Rasby, UNL, Lincoln; Financial considerations in drought risk management -- Matt Stockton, UNL, North Platte; RMA options: Pasture, rangeland, and forage insurance -- Amy Roeder, USDA-Risk Management Agency, Humboldt, KS; Producer reality check: Lessons learned in drought planning for established and beginning ranchers -- Ted Alexander, Sun City, KS

  • Evaluating grazing system options, Harry Merrihew, Ashby; Lynn Myers, Lewellen; John Ravenscroft, Nenzel

2011 Nebraska Grazing Conference

  • Maximizing gain on grass, Jason Rowntree, Michigan State U.

  • Grazing management, Greg Judy, Green Pastures Farm, Clark, MO

  • Baseline financial and production data from which to compare, Chip Ramsay, Rex Ranch, Ashby, NE

  • Concurrent sessions: A) Use of by-products on pasture, Terry Klopfenstein, UNL; Lyle Lomas, Kansas State U., Parsons, KS; B) Habitat management as it relates to grazing, Tom Koerner, Sand Lake National Wildlife Refuge Complex, Columbia, SD; Lars Anderson, graduate student, UNL

  • Organizing to benefit prairie ecosystems, Ted Alexander, Comanche Pool, Sun City, KS; Greg Kramos, USFWS, Manhattan, KS; Bill Sproul, Tallgrass Legacy Alliance, Sedan, KS

  • Banquet speaker: Nebraska's dynamic vegetation, Jim Stubbendieck, professor emeritus, UNL

  • Landscape scale Rx burning to control eastern red cedar and resulting economic return, Doug Whisenhunt, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, North Platte, NE; Scott Stout, Curtis, NE

  • Impacts of multi-species grazing, Kent Aden, Cozad, NE

  • Management practices of 2010 Leopold Conservation Award winner, Kalkowski Family Ranches, Lynch, NE

  • Winter grazing yearlings on cornstalks and pasture residue, Jim Jenkins, Calloway, NE; Harlow Hill and John Maddux, Maddux Cattle Co., Wauneta, NE

2010 Nebraska Grazing Conference

  • Building soil health with high stock density, Neil Dennis, Sunnybrae Farms, Saskatchewan, Canada

  • Grazing standing corn, Bob Scriven, grazing consultant, Kearney, NE

  • Productive and persistent forages for dryland acres, Keith Harmony, Kansas State University, Hays, KS

  • Generational transitioning: financial plans, John McGlynn, Verdigre, NE; continuing the ranching tradition, Sherry Vinton/Jessica Taylor, Whitman/Tryon, NE; conservation management, Todd and Kristen Eggerling, Martell, NE

  • Mob grazing: power of stock density, Terry Gompert, UNL, Center, NE; facilitating mob grazing, Doug Peterson, USDA/NRCS, Gallatin, MO; tricks of the trade, Neil Dennis

  • Stockmanship concepts, Tom Noffsinger, D.V.M., Benkelman, NE

  • Caregiver impact on cattle performance, Tom Noffsinger

  • Mobile meat plant and grass-fed meat marketing, Jim Knopik, Belgrade, NE

  • The critical importance of grazing in Rainwater Basin Wetlands, Andy Bishop, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Grand Island, NE and Heidi Hillhouse, UNL, Lincoln, NE

  • Grassland ecosystems in Nebraska, Jonathan Haufler, Ecosystem Management Research Institute, Seeley Lake, MT

  • Custom mineral mixes: Are they feasible? Dennis Bauer, UNL, Ainsworth, NE

  • Managing grazinglands for upland game birds, Walter Schacht, UNL, Lincoln

  • Grazing strategies for Sandhills uplands, Jerry Volesky, UNL, North Platte, NE and Walter Schacht


2009 Nebraska Grazing Conference

  • What's right with Nebraska? Allan Nation, The Stockman Grass Farmer, Ridgeland, MS
  • Passing on the legacy, AB and Scout Cox, Mullen
  • 100 Cow Program, Weldon Sleight, Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture, Curtis; Heath Zuellner, Campbell; Dan Habiger, Bushton, KS
  • Cowboy Logic Networking Project, Lynn Myers, Lewellen
  • Production topics: winter grazing supplementation strategies, Aaron Stalker, UNL, North Platte; extended grazing in heifer development systems, Rick Funston, UNL, North Platte; pasture leases, Jessica Jones/Gary Stauffer, UNL, Tecumseh/O'Neill
  • Invasive species: the science, Karie Decker, Nebraska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit, UNL, Lincoln; control tools, Dana Larsen, USDA - Natural Resources Conservation Service, Ord; leafy spurge management with cattle, Jim Carr, Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition, Atkinson
  • Experimental evidence for grazing systems research: findings and limitations, Justin Derner, USDA-ARS High Plains Grasslands Research Station, Cheyenne, WY
  • Impacts of grazing conservation practices and fence/water development on livestock and wildlife, Bob Budd, Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust, Lander, WY
  • Fence and water systems: Mike Anderson, Lincoln; Terry Gompert, UNL, Center; Jon Immink, Endicott
  • Becoming a grass farmer: John McGlynn, Verdigre; Randy Jenkins, Broken Bow
  • Profitably ranching for livestock and wildlife, Rick Danvir, Deseret Land & Livestock, Woodruff, UT
  • Grass-finished production and marketing, Allan Nation, The Stockman Grass Farmer, Ridgeland, MS

2008 Nebraska Grazing Conference

  • Marketing grass-fed beef: supply and demand, methods, tactics, and pitfalls, Allen Williams, Tallgrass Beef Co., LLC, Sedan, KS
  • Legumes in grass pastures, Bruce Anderson, UNL, Lincoln
  • Modifying animal behavior, Ray Bannister, Wibaux, MT
  • Grazing basics: Terry Gompert, UNL, Center; Bob Scriven, grazing consultant, Kearney
  • Grazing and wildlife: Mel Nenneman, Valentine and Ronnie Sanchez, Kearney, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service; Larkin Powell, UNL, Lincoln
  • Land monitoring for management decisions, Charley Orchard, Land EKG, Inc., Bozeman, MT
  • Grassland monitoring: Bethany Johnston, UNL, Thedford; Cindy Tusler, UNL, Rushville; Don Reeves, Central City
  • Utilizing co-products in a beef livestock operation, Rick Rasby, UNL, Lincoln
  • Co-products: Loren Berger, Stapleton; Bob Price, Burwell
  • Our operation and transitioning to organic production, John Ravenscroft, Three Bar Cattle Company, Cherry County
  • Winter grazing strategies, Jerry Volesky, UNL, North Platte
  • Grazing managers adapting to high feed and fuel costs, Homer Buell, Bassett; Alan Janzen, Henderson; Jay Wolf, Albion

2007 Nebraska Grazing Conference

  • MIG on range and pasture: similarities and differences, Jim Gerrish, American GrazingLands Services, May, ID
  • Managing soil and water in range and pasture systems, Jim Richardson, USDA - Natural Resources Conservation Service, Lincoln, NE
  • Goat management: Mark Goes, Instructor, Southeast Community College-Beatrice; Jim Jenkins, Callaway, NE; Michelle Wendell, Brewster, NE
  • Technology tools for grazing: Rob Ravenscroft, Lincoln, NE; Patrick Reece, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), Scottsbluff, NE; Jerry Volesky, UNL, North Platte
  • Ethanol's effect on cow-calf producers, Darrell Mark, UNL, Lincoln, NE
  • Modifying livestock grazing behavior to benefit wildlife and meet land management objectives, Derek Bailey, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM
  • Evening workshop on monitoring grazing lands, conducted by Jim Gerrish, who made three documents available online that he used in the workshop:
  • Stocking/restocking according to weather and cattle cycles, Harlan Hughes, professor emeritus at North Dakota State University and regular columnist for BEEF magazine, Laramie, WY
  • Stocking decisions: a grazier's perspective, A.B. Cox, Mullen, NE
  • Leases for resource management: Harlan Hughes; J. David Aiken, UNL, Lincoln, NE; Al Steuter, Johnston, NE
  • Managing with fire: Tim Tunnell, The Nature Conservancy, Aurora, NE; Dana Larsen, USDA - Natural Resources Conservation Service, Ord, NE; Rich Bringelson, Doniphan, NE
  • Yesterday's success and tomorrow's promise, panel of "seasoned" graziers (Boyd Adkinson, Benkelman; Frank Bruning, Bruning; Jack Maddux, Wauneta) followed by panel of "developing" graziers (Rod Christen, Steinauer; Rod Frank, Madrid; Curt Morrow, O'Neill)

2006 Nebraska Grazing Conference

  • Using Animal Behavior to Manage Grazing, Fred Provenza, Utah State University, Logan, UT
  • Highlights of the Grazing Livestock Systems Undergraduate Major, Walter Schacht, UNL, Lincoln, NE
  • Making Cents with Grazing Yearlings, Terry Klopfenstein, UNL, Lincoln, NE
  • Promoting Grassland Biodiversity, Mark Humpert / Gerry Steinauer / Jarren Kuipers, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, Lincoln / Aurora / Beatrice, NE; Chris Helzer, The Nature Conservancy, Aurora, NE
  • Irrigated Pastures, Jerry Volesky, UNL, North Platte, NE; Bob Scriven, grazing consultant, Kearney, NE; J.D. Anderson, producer, Arapahoe, NE
  • Holistic Grazing Planning -- From the Grass Roots Up, Byron Shelton, Buena Vista, CO
  • Setting Up Grazing Systems, Harlow Hill, Maddux Cattle Co., Wauneta, NE; Jon Immink, Endicott, NE; Lon Larsen, McWhorter-White Ranch, Brewster, NE
  • Conservation Easements: A Private Path to Permanent Protection, Dave Sands, The Nebraska Land Trust, Lincoln, NE
  • Measuring Success in Grazing Management: A Balanced Approach, Barry Dunn, King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management, Texas A&M University, Kingsville, TX
  • Birds and Grazing, Silka Kempema, UNL, Lincoln, NE; Jeff Drahota, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Kearney, NE; Dan Kim, Platte River Whooping Crane Maintenance Trust, Wood River, NE
  • Winter and Summer Grazing Options, Larry Wagner and Julie Williams, DVM, Wagner Land and Livestock and Bijou Hills Grassfed Meat, LLC, Chamberlain, SD; Rob Mitchell, USDA - Agricultural Research Service, Lincoln, NE
  • Breeding Grasses for Improved Beef Cattle Income Per Acre, Ken Vogel, USDA - ARS, Lincoln, NE
  • Integrating Pasture with Row Crop Production, John Sellers, Grassland Systems Program Coordinator for Leopold Center and producer, Corydon, IA

2005 Nebraska Grazing Conference

  • Animal Behavior as it Relates to Grazing, Temple Grandin, Colorado State University
  • Integrated Management of Red Cedar, Stevan Knezevic, UNL
  • Cedar Tree Control, Gordon Gosnell, Maxwell, NE; T.J. Walker, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission
  • Irrigated Pastures, Jim Choquette, Upland, NE; Josh Wendell, Dickens, NE
  • Economic Considerations in Buying a Ranch, Burke Teichert, Deseret Ranches, Ashby, NE
  • Monitoring Cattle Markets and Input Costs, Jim Carr, Burwell, NE
  • Increasing Productivity with Dung Beetles and Soil Organisms, Pat and Dick Richardson, University of Texas
  • Rotational Grazing Without Fences for Livestock and Wildlife, Terrence Bidwell, Oklahoma State University
  • Wildlife and Grazing, Orvin Bontrager, Servi-tech, Inc., Aurora, NE; William Vodehnal, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission; Martin Batterman, Bridgeport, NE
  • Pasture-finished/Grass-fed Beef Production and Marketing, Walter Bohaty, Bellwood, NE; Paul Rohrbaugh, Steinauer, NE; Kevin Fulton, Litchfield, NE
  • Grassland Monitoring, Terry Gompert, UNL; Greg Carlson, Verdigre, NE; Clem and Laurie Wagner, Center, NE

2004 Nebraska Grazing Conference

  • Carbon Trading: Adding Value to Grazing, John Caveny, Environmentally Correct Concepts, Inc., IL
  • Carbon Sequestration in the Great Plains, Martin Kleinschmit, Center for Rural Affairs and Nebraska farmer, Hartington, NE
  • Using Weather Forecasting Tools to Make Grazing Decisions, Brian Fuchs, UNL
  • Variation in Climate and Herbage Production, Doug Goodin, Kansas State U.; Walter Schacht, UNL
  • Grazing Management to Meet Multiple Objectives: What We Have Learned, Jerry Holechek, New Mexico State U.
  • Food Animal Traceability, Greg Ibach, Nebraska Dept. of Agriculture
  • Additive Benefits to Rotation Grazing, R.L. Dalrymple, formerly with the Noble Foundation, Oklahoma
  • How Grasses Grow, Lowell Moser, UNL
  • Using Goats in Grazing Systems to Control Weeds, Lani Malmberg, Wyoming
  • Goats: The Ultimate Rangeland Scavengers, Chad Peterson, Nebraska farmer, Bassett
  • Nebraska Producer Panel: Why I Do What I Do, A.B. Cox, Mullen; Harlow Hill, Wauneta; Marlene Moore, Wallace

2003 Nebraska Grazing Conference

  • Low-cost Grazing Strategies, Greg Simonds, ranch management consultant, Utah
  • Matching Genetics to Resources, Jim Gosey, UNL
  • Winter Grazing and Supplementation of Cows, Don Adams, UNL
  • Building Localized, Producer-based Coalitions, Doug Whisenhunt, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and members of the Loess Canyon Rangeland Alliance
  • Stewardship of Grazing and Biodiversity, Bob Budd, The Nature Conservancy, Wyoming
  • Learned Grazing Behavior, Fred Provenza, Utah State University
  • Nebraska Producer Panel: Drought, Homer Buell, Rose; Dave Hamilton, Thedford; Richard Mazour, Deweese
  • Nebraska Producer Panel: Irrigated Pastures, Jim Choquette, Upland; Terri Edeal, Lexington; Terry Kucera, Sargent Bluff, IA; Ellis Schrunk, Bartlett

2002 Nebraska Grazing Conference

  • Cows, Grass, Dirt & Dollars, Dave Pratt, President, Ranch Management Consultants, Fairfield, CA
  • Grazing Response Index Systems: Decision-support Tools for Optimizing Grazing Management, Patrick Reece, rangeland ecologist, UNL Panhandle Research and Extension Center, Scottsbluff, NE
  • Getting Started Grazing, Nebraska NRCS - Kim Stine, North Platte and Jan Joesph, Valentine; plus Nebraska producers Scott Bodie, Burchard; Mark Keck, Crofton; Linda Kemp, North Platte
  • Restoring and Managing Diverse Grassland Plant Communities, Chris Helzer, land steward, The Nature Conservancy, Aurora, NE
  • Management of Eastern Red Cedar to Improve Grazinglands, John Ortman, rangeland ecosystem science, Colorado State University
  • ARCView Mapping, Leah Carson, range management specialist, Upper Loup NRD, Thedford, NE
  • Nutritional Benefits of Grass-finished Bison and Beef, Judy Driskell, UNL
  • Tenderness, Sensory Characteristics, and Value of Grass-Fed Beef, Chris Calkins, UNL
  • Genetics for Grass-Fed Beef, Kit Pharo, Pharo Cattle Company, Cheyenne Wells, CO
  • Nebraska Producer Panel: Grass-fed Protein Sources, Dairy - Dave Wetzel, Page; Beef - Liz Sarno, Linwood; Poultry - Ray Seifer, Sutherland
  • Using Cattle to Manage for Biodiversity, Arnold Mendenhall, Audubon Nebraska, Lincoln
  • Two Best and Two Worst Decisions We Have Made on the Ranch, Mike Spearman, L Cross Ranch, La Garita, CO
  • Cattle Markets: Situation, Outlook and Issues, James Robb, Director, Livestock Marketing Information Center, Lakewood, CO

2001 Nebraska Grazing Conference

  • Making Money in the Beef Business, Barry Dunn, Range Livestock Specialist, South Dakota State University
  • Matching Production Systems to Resources, Don Adams, UNL
  • Challenges Evaluating the Economics of Grazing, John Lawrence, Livestock Economist, Iowa State University
  • Profit Strategies with Stockers, Gordon Hazard, Stocker Grazier/Consultant, West Point, MS
  • Grazing Strategies Before, During and After Drought, Pat Reece, UNL
  • Irrigated Pastures, Bob Scriven, UNL and Jerry Volesky, UNL
  • Choosing the Right Cow for the Job, Kit Pharo, Pharo Cattle Company, Cheyenne Wells, CO
  • Land Trust -- Forever is a Long Time, Lynne Sherrod, Colorado Cattlemen's Land Trust
  • Partnering for Conservation, Mike Kelly, Sutherland, NE
  • Grazing Corn, Turnips, and Small Grains, Terry Gompert, UNL; Nebraska producers Marvin Deblauw, Hartington; Steven Grudzinske, Loup City; Don Peregrine, Fullerton