Mission & Objectives

Mission & Objectives



Our mission is the implementation of focused, interdisciplinary research, education and service programs and activities that emphasize the role of grasslands as a natural resource and enhance the efficiency, profitability and sustainability of grasslands and turfs. Strengthening linkages and developing partnerships with groups of common interest will be a priority.


Along with the mission, the goals and objectives serve to foster and support the capabilities of the university to relate to issues concerning grasslands and turfs. Specific objectives directed toward grasslands and turf to meet this overall goal include:

  • Fostering interdisciplinary teamwork in research and educational activities and encouraging systems approaches for solving problems associated.
  • Initiating and expanding linkages in Nebraska and the Great Plains region with federal and state agencies, educational and research institutions, state colleges, community colleges, organizations, private groups and practitioners.
  • Improving the profitability and sustainability while protecting or enhancing water quality, soil quality and the quality of life.
  • Developing proactive programs on emerging issues.
  • Attracting new support for research, education and service programs and activities.
  • Enhancing public understanding and awareness of improving environment, water quality, soil quality and the quality of life.
  • Establishing the Center for Grassland Studies and its associates as leaders in grassland studies and providers of information for Nebraska and the Great Plains.
  • Providing a focal point in the University of Nebraska for grassland sciences which is visible in the state, regionally, nationally and internationally.