Happy Holidays from the Center for Grassland Studies

December 14, 2020

As the end of 2020 rapidly approaches, the faculty and staff of the Center for Grassland Studies would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday. We greatly appreciate the commitments and efforts of our stakeholders and partners in assisting the Center in achieving its program goals, but in this year of the COVID pandemic, we are especially grateful for everyone’s support. Our transition from in-person to virtual formats for our major programs (e.g., Nebraska Grazing Conference and Fall Seminar Series) in response to COVID has been particularly well received by our audience and has grown the number of our stakeholders. Students and faculty members in our undergraduate degree programs have persevered and adapted to remote learning; however, we are all looking forward to returning to the classroom and in-person learning environments as soon as is safe to do so. We learned a lot and grew in many ways this past year but 2021 is certainly going to be better. So, we not only wish you the best for the Holiday Season but for the upcoming New Year!

Walter Schacht, Interim Director
Center for Grassland Studies