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Grazing Livestock Systems Internship

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The opportunity to apply knowledge learned in the classroom to a career is essential to the education of our students. Grazing Livestock Systems (GLS) degree option students are required to conduct an internship consisting of at least 13 weeks of approved experiences designed to complement their academic course work. GLS interns have been in a variety of positions including field research assistant, lab technologist, assistant extension educator, NRCS field intern and rancher. Whether roping and branding on a Nebraska Sandhills ranch or conducting experiments in a research facility, internships are tailored to the experiential learning needs of GLS students.

Components of the GLS internship include: pre-internship development sessions, proposal development, proposal presentation to GLS faculty, a 13-week internship with daily journaling, conducting a special project, an onsite visit by a GLS faculty member and post-internship presentation at the annual Internship Symposium. An internship handbook provides students with step-by-step direction for completing an internship.

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