The Rangelands Partnership Launches Rangelands Gateway

March 26, 2021

Introducing Rangelands Gateway! The latest and greatest creation of The Rangelands Partnership (RP), a 20-year multi-state collaboration. The Gateway combines and updates the Partnership’s previous websites: Global Rangelands, Rangelands West, and state specific rangelands websites into one, easy-to-use place. Rangelands Gateway provides access to more than 25,000 resources including journal articles, reports, websites, and videos to inform decisions making for research, teaching, and practical applications for rangeland management.

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Landowner Creates Man-made Lek for Greater Prairie Chickens

March 19, 2021

Dan Leuenberger set out to do something conservation professionals say is rare: create a successful prairie chicken lek on private property from scratch. Leuenberger and Jim Neville, his bird hunting partner, knew prairie chickens were already in the area because Leuenberger spotted them occasionally. But would those birds actually use a man-made lek? It’s rare for that to happen, experts say.

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Center for Grassland Studies Podcast: Prescribed Burns with Ed Hubbs

March 23, 2021

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Center for Grassland Studies Podcast: Stretching Prairie Remnant with Kay Kottas

March 18, 2021

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PGA Golf Management Students Earn CASNR Dean’s List for Fall Semester 2020

March 11, 2021

Making the CASNR Dean's List demonstrates high academic achievement (semester grade point average of 3.75 or higher). For the Fall 2020, the PGA Golf Management Program had thirteen (13) students who achieved this honor. This was the highest number of CASNR Dean’s List recipients in the program’s history. These future PGA professionals are making it happen on the golf course and in the classroom!

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Holly Selected for Hero Award

March 4, 2021

Scott Holly, internship coordinator in the PGA Golf Management program, has been selected to receive the Dennis Molfese, Sue Venteicher, and David Hansen Hero Award for his lifesaving actions last summer.

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Range Club Competes in Virtual SRM Conference

March 3, 2021

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) Range Management Club spends the fall semester preparing for the Society for Range Management’s annual conference. This year’s Feb. 15-18 conference was held virtually due to COVID-19. Despite the unprecedented circumstances, the UNL students were able to compete in virtual versions of events and represented UNL very well.

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New PGA Professional in Residence Hired

February 12, 2021

Exciting news! Starting on March 1 of this year, we will have Joe Canny, PGA join our team as a PGA Professional in Residence in the College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources with an office housed in the Center for Grassland Studies/PGA Golf Management Program.

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Pasture and Forage Forum: Winter Survival in Alfalfa and Deciphering a Hay Test

February 11, 2021

Ben Beckman discusses selecting the right alfalfa seed and Brad Schick looks at neutral-detergent fiber or NDF and acid-detergent fiber or ADF.

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Winter Interseeding Legumes

February 10, 2021

From a forage perspective, winter is typically a time for using the resources we have on hand and planning ahead to next year’s growing season. However, there may be some opportunity to take this time to improve your pasture with some alternative legume seeding options.

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