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The Center for Grassland Studies has several funds available to provide academic and professional development scholarships for eligible undergraduate students pursuing degrees in grassland management and stewardship. The Center and our students are very fortunate to have donors passionate about the Nebraska grasslands and committed to the education of our future professionals and grassland stewards.

Scholarships are available for students who fulfill the intent of the donor. Scholarships are awarded to current students based on the following criteria: cumulative grade point average, financial need, and a resume of activities. Applications for incoming students (freshmen or transfer) are evaluated based on their academic history recorded in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln application database (primarily ACT score for freshmen and cumulative college GPA for transfer students).

In addition to the academic scholarships, eligible students may also apply for a professional development scholarship. This scholarship provides partial funding for off-campus events that supplement classroom education, e.g., the Nebraska Grazing Conference, Nebraska Range Short Course (offered even-numbered years only), and Nebraska Ranch Practicum.

Additionally, the Center offers the Sampson Graduate Assistantship which supports a Ph.D. candidate or an M.S. candidate with a special interest in pasture and/or range management in Nebraska.

See individual applications for submission deadlines and award notification dates.

Questions may be directed to: The Center for Grassland Studies, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 203 Keim Hall, 68583-0953 or at 402-472-4101 or email

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Scholarships Available

Joseph O. Young Scholarship

Commemorates the distinguished career of Professor Joseph O. Young, to provide support for students who, with proper academic training, might enhance the quality of management in production agriculture, balancing the need for near-term profits with long-term preservation of natural resources.

Dr. Kenneth C. Stout Grassland Studies Fund

Established to honor the grassland heritage of Nebraska and Dr. Stout's alma mater. Dr. Stout's deep passion for education and vision for sustaining Nebraska grasslands for future generations will be addressed through programs that support the stewardship, and management and utilization of our grassland and ranching heritage for future generations.

Nebraska Sandhills Task Force Scholarship

The goal of the Sandhills Task Force is to enhance the Sandhills wetland-grassland ecosystem in a way that sustains profitable private ranching, wildlife and vegetative diversity, and associated water supplies. Their scholarship supports students pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Grazing Livestock Systems with a professional interest in the Nebraska Sandhills.

Stock Seed Farms — Dr. Laurence C. Newell Scholarship Fund

Commemorates the life and long-time career of Dr. Laurence C. Newell, former grass breeder with the USDA, Agricultural Research Service, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Preference will be given to students studying forage production and/or range management. Students must have a junior or senior standing upon receipt of scholarship funds.

Martin & Ruth Massengale Grassland Studies Scholarship Fund

This fund commemorates the distinguished career of Dr. Martin Massengale culminating as the founding Director of the Center for Grassland Studies (1994-2017) and the Massengale’s passion for undergraduate education. The scholarship supports students pursuing degrees in Grazing Livestock Systems, Grassland Ecology and Management, or any subsequent degree focused on grassland management and stewardship through the Center for Grassland Studies.

Leu Foundation Fund Scholarship

Commemorates Frank and Margaret Leu, who had a deep passion for education and vision for sustaining the stewardship of the Nebraska Sandhills for future generations.

Lowell E. and Lovell Moser Family Scholarship Fund

This scholarship honors the career of Dr. Lowell E. Moser, a leading educator and research scientist in range and forage sciences and former department head in Agronomy and Horticulture. To be considered for this scholarship, you must have a declared major in Grassland Systems, Agronomy, Horticulture, Plant Biology, Applied Science or Integrated Science and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75. Preference will be given to students who have a demonstrated financial need and who have actively engaged in undergraduate student organizations. To be considered for this scholarship, complete the application by August 27, 2021.

Graduate Assistantship Available

Sampson Graduate Assistantship

Arthur W. and Helen R. Sampson established trust agreements in the University of Nebraska Foundation to support range and pasture management programs in Nebraska, with a focus on funding graduate student research. More information on the Sampson Graduate Assistantship.