In addition to UNL upperclass scholarships, we are fortunate to have a good funding base for qualified Grazing Livestock Systems majors. GLS academic scholarships range from $500 to $2,000 per year, which can be added to other scholarships a student may receive.

We wish to acknowledge and thank the following sources of GLS scholarship funds:

Nebraska Sandhills Task Force, Joseph O. Young fund, and the Frank and Margaret Leu fund.

In addition to the academic scholarships, GLS students may apply to be considered for partial scholarships to the following grazing-related events: Nebraska Grazing Conference, Nebraska Range Short Course (offered even-numbered years only) and Nebraska Ranch Practicum.

An e-mail with attached scholarship application form is sent to current GLS students early each calendar year. The deadline for submitting the form is generally around mid-Feb.  The GLS scholarship committee makes decisions on current students based on their scholarship applications, and on incoming students based on their academic history that is logged into the UNL application database (primarily ACT score for freshmen and cumulative college GPA for transfer students). Students with questions about this process should speak to their GLS faculty adviser; incoming students can email

Ben Andrews in a field

Ben Andrews was the first recipient of a GLS event scholarship to participate in the Nebraska Ranch Practicum.

Sandhills of Nebraska