Old Newsletter Articles

Volume 22, #3 (Fall 2016)

  • 2016 Leu Distinguished Lecturer Shares Vast Knowledge on Agricultural Systems
  • Increased Attendance Shows Continued Value of Annual Nebraska Grazing Conference
  • Turfgrass Summer Research Field Day Moves to East Campus
  • A Year in the Life of a PGA Golf Management Alumnus
  • Center for Grassland Studies' Director Massengale Awarded Nebraskan of the Year by Rotary
  • Is Corn Silage a Forage?
  • New Healthy Farm Index Publication
  • Center for Grassland Studies' Coordinator Pam Murray to Retire

Volume 22, #2 (Summer 2016)

  • Integrated Turfgrass Management is Useful for the Control of Rough Bluegrass
  • The Ethanol Industry and the Cattle Industry
  • Artists and Ecologists Talk Art and Conservation
  • A Year in the Life of a PGA Golf Management Alumnus
  • Diverse Partnership Turns Good Ideas into Good Habitat, and Good Pasture
  • National Park Service Celebrates Centennial
  • August 1 is Deadline for Pre-registration for 2016 Nebraska Grazing Conference
  • Nebraska Invasive Species Program

Volume 22, #1 (Winter-Spring 2016)

  • Invasive Old World Bluestems Spread Across the Great Plains
  • Can Prairie-chickens Share the Prairie with Wind Turbines?
  • Research and Education Priorities Identified at January Beef Systems Workshop
  • Nebraska PGA Golf Management Program Launches Online Newsletter
  • Turf Field Day to be on University of Nebraska-Lincoln's East Campus
  • Plans Firming Up for 2016 Nebraska Grazing Conference
  • Prairie Peeping
  • 2016 Nebraska Range Short Course

Volume 21, #3 (Fall 2015)

  • A Century of Vegetation Change at Nine-Mile Prairie: Snapshots from 1928 and 2012
  • Participants Continue to Find Value in Annual Nebraska Grazing Conference
  • Performance and Economics of Supplementing Yearlings on Smooth Bromegrass Pastures
  • Amenity Grasses in the Landscape
  • Grazing Livestock Systems Alumnus Still Thinks Outside the Box
  • A Year in the Life of a PGA Golf Management Alumnus
  • New Book Looks at Lessons From Great Plains' Small Places

Volume 21, #2 (Summer 2015)

  • Alternative Cow-Calf Management Systems in the Current Production Environment: An Update on Nebraska Research
  • What the Walls Tell Us
  • ‘Tis the Time for Tours
  • August 1 Is Pre-registration Deadline for Nebraska Grazing Conference
  • Shaw Family Receives 2015 Leopold Conservation Award
  • Scholar Co-authors Science Study Quantifying Ecosystem Loss

Volume 21, #1 (Winter-Spring 2015)

  • Benefits of Corn Residue Grazing
  • Evaluating the Latest Developed Buffalograss Cultivar: Sundancer
  • Associate Dean to be New PGA Golf Management Director
  • 2015 Nebraska Grazing Conference Taking Shape
  • Call for Papers: National Conference on Grazing Lands
  • America's Grasslands: The Future of Grasslands in a Changing Landscape
  • Online Tool Features Beneficial Grassland Management Practices

Volume 20, #3 (Fall 2014)

  • The Next Generation of Buffalograss Cultivars
  • New Switchgrass Variety Promises More Biofuel at Lower Cost
  • Near Record Attendance at 2014 Nebraska Grazing Conference
  • Center for Great Plains Studies Crafts Ecotourism Campaign
  • Early Weaning: A Good Bet for Beef Producers in Drought-Stricken Areas
  • Catch 2014 Grassland Studies Fall Seminars Live or on Video

Volume 20, #2 (Summer 2014)

  • Loss of Fire, Juniper Encroachment, and Ecosystem Services in Grasslands
  • Hitler's Effect on Wildlife and the Geography of the Nebraska Farmstead
  • Will Changing Forage Resources Shift Nebraska Beef Production Systems?
  • Century-old Sod Wall Unites Researchers Across Disciplines
  • GrassSnap Rangeland Monitoring App Now Available
  • August 1 Is Pre-registration Deadline for Nebraska Grazing Conference
  • Prairie Restoration Milestone: Ten Thousand Acres!

Volume 20, #1 (Winter-Spring 2014)

  • Bringing Back Grazing Lands in the Rainwater Basin
  • Turfgrass Phosphorus Requirements Are Lower than Previously Thought
  • Landscape Changes to Grassland Ecosystems
  • Worldwide Study Finds that Fertilizer Destabilizes Grasslands
  • Opportunities for Livestock Expansion in Nebraska
  • On the Land Is Now Online
  • 2014 Nebraska Grazing Conference Features New Venues
  • PGA Golf Management Alumni Continue to Earn Awards

Volume 19, #3 (Fall 2013)

  • Insects as Agents of Improved Rangeland Quality and Cattle Production
  • Another Successful Nebraska Grazing Conference
  • Terry Klopfenstein Recognized as BEEF Top 50
  • Sand County Foundation Conservation Partners Hold National Symposium
  • Nominate Someone for Leopold Conservation Award
  • University of Nebrasak-Lincoln Launches Online Grassland Management Graduate Certificate Program
  • Golf Student Breaks Guinness World Record!

Volume 19, #2 (Summer 2013)

  • How Does Winter Supplementation Affect the Complete Yearling Production System?
  • Alternative Bentgrasses and Their Use
  • Center's Advisory Council and Associates Tour North Central Nebraska
  • Nebraska Grazing Lands Coalition and Nebraska Cattlemen Summer Grazing Tour Well Received

Volume 19, #1 (Winter-Spring 2013)

  • PGA Golf Management Honors and Other News
  • Management of Crop Residues Is Key to Forage Supply Now and in the Future
  • Turfgrass Update
  • Fire Research
  • Many Good Speakers Lined Up for 2013 Nebraska Grazing Conference
  • Innovations on the Land Symposium
  • Nebraska Youth Range Camp in June
  • Nebraska Range Camp Turns 50 — Reunion in August

Volume 18, #3 (Fall 2012)

  • Meet Two of Our Students
  • Nebraska Grazing Conference Continues to Fulfill Needs
  • CGS Citizens Advisory Council Members and Associates Tour ARDC

Volume 18, #2 (Summer 2012)

  • Capturing the Greenness of Buffalograss through Aerial Robotics
  • Ethanol Co-Products and Forages: An Opportunity for Alternative Cow-Calf Production Systems in Nebraska
  • Opportunities and Challenges: Grassland Resources in Namibia
  • Buell Family Receives Leopold Conservation Award

Volume 18, #1 (Winter-Spring 2012)

  • Tracking Trout Lilies: Hybridization, Species Boundaries, and Conservation in the Genus Erythronium
  • Corn Residue: Nebraska's Great Forage Resource
  • Baenziger: Ag Challenges to Feed the World Are Unprecedented
  • Program Shaping Up for 2012 Nebraska Grazing Conference
  • 2012 Nebraska Range Shortcourse
  • Call for Papers: 5th National Conference on Grazing Lands

  Volume 17, #3 (Fall 2011)

  • Rethinking Late-fall Fertilization
  • Another Successful Nebraska Grazing Conference
  • Meet our 2011-2012 Grazing Livestock Systems Student Ambassador
  • Catch 2011 Center Fall Seminars Live or on Video

Volume 17, #2 (Summer 2011)

  • Litter Accumulation and Decomposition In Pastures
  • The Arthropod Community Associated with Switchgrass In Nebraska
  • 2011 Earth Day Ushered In with Celebration of Grassland Conservation
  • Advisory Council Tour in Southeast Nebraska
  • 2011 Center Fall Seminar Series to Feature National Academy of Sciences Member and Nobel Laureate
  • NCR-SARE Publication Touts Benefits of Prairies

 Volume 17, #1 (Winter-Spring 2011)

  • Controlling Annual Bluegrass
  • Programs for Getting Started with a Livestock Enterprise
  • Ranch Employees Given Opportunity to Learn the Art of Ranch Ownership
  • 2011 Nebraska Grazing Conference
  • International Grasslands Symposium to be Hosted at Kansas State University
  • Apply Now for 2011 Nebraska Ranch Practicum

Volume 16, #3 (Fall 2010)

  • Learning the Latest at UNL Turf Field Day
  • Economic Analysis of Supplementing DDGS to Grazing Steers
  • A Decade of Nebraska Grazing Conferences
  • Dave Stock Receives Master Conservationist Award

Volume 16, #2 (Summer 2010)

  • Grazing Systems Research in the Nebraska Sandhills
  • 2010 CGS Fall Seminar Series
  • Ingalls' Ode to Blue Grass
  • August 1 Is Pre-registration Deadline for Nebraska Grazing Conference
  • Dig It! Smithsonian Exhibit Omaha

Volume 16, #1 (Winter-Spring 2010)

  • Record-breaking Cold and Snow: What's that Mean for Turf in the Spring?
  • Flawed Turfgrass Research Report Gets Mass Media Attention . . . Now What?
  • 2010 Nebraska Youth Range Camp
  • The Nebraska Range Shortcourse
  • Nebraska Grazing Conference Celebrates 10th Anniversary
  • NRCS/SCS Celebrates 75th Anniversary

Volume 15, #3 (Fall 2009)

  • New (and not so new) Post-emergence Herbicide Products
  • Remarks at the Nine-Mile Prairie 25th Anniversary Celebration
  • Nebraska Grazing Conference Just Keeps Getter Better

Volume 15, #2 (Summer 2009)

  • Sustaining Ecosystem Services on Farms: The Healthy Farm Index
  • Impact of Supplementing Modified Wet Distillers Grains with Solubles to Long Yearling Steers Grazing Native Range
  • Lots Happening with PGA Golf Management University Program
  • Teff — Potential for Nebraska
  • August 1 is Pre-registration Deadline for Nebraska Grazing Conference
  • CGS Advisors and Associates Toured South Central Nebraska
  • 4th National Conference on Grazing Lands

Volume 15, #1 (Winter-Spring 2009)

  • Estimating Livestock Forage Demand: Defining the Animal Unit (AU)
  • Landscape Groundcovers
  • Sandhills Ecotourism Project
  • Program for 2009 Nebraska Grazing Conference
  • 2009 Nike Golf Camp in Lincoln This July

Volume 14, #4 (Fall 2008)

  • Managing Grasslands for Structural Heterogeneity
  • Yellow Nutsedge: The Scourge of Lawns and Landscapes in Nebraska
  • Targeting Habitat Dollars with Computers: Maximizing the Value of Data for Conservation
  • 2008 Nebraska Grazing Conference Best Yet!

Volume 14, #3 (Summer 2008)

  • Are the Sandhills Fragile?
  • Forage Triticale (X Triticosecale Wittmack) Genotypes for the Northern Great Plains
  • Progress Being Made in Implementing the Nebraska Natural Legacy Plan
  • Soil and Water Conservation Conference: Farming with Grass
  • August 1 is Pre-registration Deadline for Nebraska Grazing Conference
  • We've Moved!

Volume 14, #2 (Spring 2008)

  • Restricted Feeding Can Improve Performance of Growing Steers Prior to Grazing on Burned Native Flint Hills Pasture
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln Study Reports on the Cost of Growing Switchgrass as Ethanol Feedstock
  • Water Is Focus of Prairie Conference
  • Professional Golf Management Highlights
  • 2008 Nike Golf Camp in Lincoln This July
  • Program for 2008 Nebraska Grazing Conference
  • The Nebraska Range Shortcourse
  • 2008 Nebraska Beef Cattle Report Available
  • Partnership Effort Helps Reach Habitat Milestone in Nebraska

Volume 14, #1 (Winter 2008)

  • Organic Matter — Should It Matter? A Golf Course Perspective
  • Universit of Nebraska-Lincoln / USDA Study: Major Net Energy Gain from Switchgrass-based Ethanol
  • Using the Corn Stalk Grazing Calculator as a Decision Aid
  • Avian Response to Invasive Tree Removal on Remnant Prairie Pastures in Southeast Nebraska
  • Conserving Wildlife and A Way of Life: Conservancy Launches Grass Exchange Program

Volume 13, #4 (Fall 2007)

  • Turfgrass and Landscape Management Degree Program at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • New Farm Bill Should Continue Support for Grassland Management
  • Another Great Nebraska Grazing Conference in 2007!
  • New Ph.D. Specialization in Applied Ecology at University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • Nebraska Mentoring Program for Graziers
  • 2003 National Resources Inventory Information Online
  • 2007 Center for Grassland Studies Fall Seminar Series

Volume 13, #3 (Summer 2007)

  • Managing the Meeting of the Cow and the Grass
  • A Prairie Green Roof
  • Carbon Sequestration Pilot Project Wraps Up
  • Center for Grassland Studies Council Tours North Central Nebraska
  • The Nature Conservancy Expands Its Scope
  • Restored Wetlands Capture Missouri River Water Reducing Flooding

Volume 13, #2 (Spring 2007)

  • Using Dried Distillers Grains to Substitute for Forage and Nitrogen Fertilizer: Nitrogen Dynamics and Use Efficiency
  • Program for 2007 Nebraska Grazing Conference
  • 2007 Nike Golf Camp in Lincoln this July
  • Did You Know There Is an Environmental Institute for Golf?
  • Group Studies Great Plains Fire History
  • Summer Fire and Post-Fire Grazing Management

Volume 13, #1 (Winter 2007)

  • Restoration of Salt Cedar Infestations
  • Patch-burn Grazing: Benefits for Both Wildlife Habitat and Livestock Performance
  • Soil Physical Characteristics of Aging Golf Greens
  • Jim Gerrish to Speak at 2007 Nebraska Grazing Conference
  • PGM Students Hit the 100 Mark

Volume 12, #4 (Fall 2006)

  • Chemical Characteristics of Aging Golf Greens
  • Can Ecophysiological Characteristics Explain the Success of WoodySpecies in the Sandhills of Nebraska?
  • Comparison of a Long Yearling System to Calf-fed Performance and Economics
  • A Tale of Two States
  • 2006 Nebraska Grazing Conference Best Yet!

Volume 12, #3 (Summer 2006)

  • Summary Analysis of Grazing Yearling Response to Distillers Grains
  • Grassland Ecology and Management: A New Name for the Range Major
  • Befriending Birds: Why Should Landowners Care about Integrating Wildlife Conservation with Livestock Production? The Reasons Are Plenty!
  • Another Successful Nebraska Youth Range Camp
  • Landowner, Foundation, City and Federal Government Preserve Native Prairie for Grazing and Education

Volume 12, #2 (Spring 2006)

  • Evaluation of Two Grasses for Silvopasture Systems in the Great Plains
  • Research for the Birds: Sandhills Is the Target of Grassland Bird and Grazing Investigation
  • UNL Professional Golf Management Program Scores a First
  • Program Set for 2006 Nebraska Grazing Conference
  • The Nebraska Range Shortcourse
  • Invasive Species Is Theme of Prairie Conference
  • Third National Conference on Grazing Lands

Volume 12, #1 (Winter 2006)

  • Nitrogen Sequestration and Groundwater Quality
  • Maximize Pre-emergence Success in Turf
  • Losing Grasslands and Natural Areas to Development
  • New Prairie Grasses to Fatten Beef Cattle
  • Nike Golf Camp in Lincoln This July

Volume 11, #4 (Fall 2005)

  • Using Legumes to Boost Quality of Smooth Bromegrass Pastures
  • The Grass is Always Greener: Consumer Preferences for Ornamental Grasses
  • PGM Enrollment More Than Doubles in Second Year
  • 5th Annual Nebraska Grazing Conference Covered Diverse Topics
  • Call for Papers, Third National Conference on Grazing Lands
  • Planning: An Important Key to Native Planting Success

Volume 11, #3 (Summer 2005)

  • Why Do We All Work So Hard on Our Lawns? Blame Habit, Snobbery
  • Intensify Extensive Beef Systems?
  • CGS Citizens Advisory Council and Associates Visit Southwestern Nebraska
  • Audubon's First Important Bird Areas in Nebraska Announced
  • XX International Grassland Congress
  • Visit the Ecological Site Information System
  • Opportunity for Holistic Management Training

Volume 11, #2 (Spring 2005)

  • Can Distillers Grains Replace Forage?
  • Nebraska Wildlife Federation Looking for Tallgrass Prairies
  • Program Set for 2005 Nebraska Grazing Conference
  • CGS Associate Leaves Legacy of Native Plantings Along Nebraska Highways
  • Grazing Livestock Systems Update
  • Urbanized Buffalograss in Demand

Volume 11, #1 (Winter 2005)

  • Grass Seed Production Research in Nebraska Panhandle
  • Can Perennial Grass Pastures be Profitable in the Great Plains
  • Forum "Monitoring Rangeland Health for an Experiment in Public Land Ownership"
  • 2005 Nebraska Grazing Conference to be August 8-9
  • PGM Program Swings into 2nd Semester
  • Dates for 7th Nebraska Ranch Practicum Set
  • Changing Natural Landscapes: Ecological and Human Dimensions

Volume 10, #4 (Fall 2004)

  • Nebraska's Natural Legacy Project
  • Earth, Wind, and Fire in the Flint Hills
  • Owens Highlights UNL Grazing Activities at Grazing Conference
  • Professional Golf Management Program Tees Off with 31 Students
  • CGS Director Massengale Inducted into CSREES Hall of Fame

Volume 10, #3 (Summer 2004)

  • WILD Nebraska Grasslands
  • High School Students Improve Their Game While Having Fun at University of Nebraska-Lincoln Golf Camp
  • Multiple Dimensions of a Strong Professional Golf Management Program
  • Center for Grassland Studies Advisory Council Tours Northeast Nebraska
  • Groundwater Nitrates Being Used to Fertilize Intensive Grazed Pasture
  • Grazing and Grassland Management Is Theme of Wildlife Society Meeting
  • Regional Researchers Collaborate to Improve Grazing Systems
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln Researchers Study Seed Production of Eastern Red Cedar
  • Range Management Focus of Beef Basics VI
  • Still Time to See Exhibition "Listening to the Prairie"
  • Walk-in Registrations Accepted for Nebraska Grazing Conference

Volume 10, #2, (Spring 2004)

  • CGS Coordinates New Professional Golf Management Program
  • Alternatives to Grazing Drought-Stricken Pastures
  • 2004 Nebraska Grazing Conference in Kearney August 10-11
  • Dave and Loretta Hamilton: Grazing and Ranch Management Mentors
  • Loess Hills Conservation Measures Improve Rangeland Conditions and Aid American Burying Beetle in Nebraska
  • XX International Grassland Congress, Ireland, 2005
  • Allan Savory on Holistic Resource Management at Northeast Nebraska Program

Volume 10, #1 (Winter 2004)

  • Matching Beef Cattle Genetics to Feed Resources
  • Ecological Monitoring to Assist Producers with Grassland Production Forecasts
  • Nebraska Ranch Practicum Enters Sixth Year
  • Bull Riders for Biodiversity and Other Heresies for the Northern Great Plains
  • 2004 Nebraska Grazing Conference to be August 10-11
  • The Nebraska Turfgrass Conference: 42 Years of Educating Nebraska Turfgrass Managers

Volume 9, #4 (Fall 2003)

  • Students: Study Sustainable Animal Systems in Norway!
  • High Plains Partnership: Conserving High-priority Species in Cooperation with Private Landowners
  • Private Individuals Can Now Provide and Receive Conservation Technical Assistance with TechReg
  • Legumes Boost Quality in Bromegrass Pastures
  • Nebraska Agriculture Industry Partnership Formed
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln Scientists Earn $1.8 million NSF Grant to Study Sandhills Ecosystem
  • Online Forage and Grazinglands Journal Part of Plant Management Network

Volume 9, #3 (Summer 2003)

  • Slopes: Maintenance Hassle or Landscape Asset?
  • Potentials and Precautions in Turfgrass Biotechnology
  • Applications for Grassland Reserve Program Due September 30
  • Center for Grassland Studies 2003 Fall Seminar Series
  • Center for Grassland Studies Citizens Advisory Council Tours Southeast Nebraska
  • Reminder of Nebraska Grazing Conference

Volume 9, #2 (Spring 2003)

  • Turfgrass Biotechnology &“mdash; 2003 Update
  • Ecosystem Consequences of Trees in Grasslands: Insights from Bessey Forest
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln Offers New Professional Golf Management Program
  • Richard Knight to Speak on Biodiversity on Rangelands October 20
  • 2003 Nebraska Grazing Conference in Kearney August 11-12
  • National Speakers to be Featured at Brush Creek Ranch Conference and Field Day
  • Iowa Prairie Conference: The Practical Prairie

Volume 9, #1 (Winter 2003)

  • Planning for Bison Grazing on Native Rangeland
  • Pooled Sales Add Value to Cull Cows
  • The Grass Dance
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln Offers Online Course in Turf Diseases
  • Second National Conference on Grazing Lands
  • Seed Dormancy — the Uncertainty in Native Grass Seeding
  • Prairie Pines to Benefit University of Nebraska-Lincoln Programs
  • Platte River Trust Begins Study of Birds Breeding in Grasslands

Volume 8, #4 (Fall 2002)

  • Examining the Roles of Plant Species and Nitrogen in the Structure and Function of Microbial Communities
  • Carcass and Palatability Characteristics of Calf-fed and Yearling Finished Steers
  • 2nd Nebraska Grazing Conference Another Winner
  • New Grasslands Plan Holds Promise for People, Wildlife, and Public Lands
  • Tracking Movement of Cattle With Satellites
  • Integrating Forage and Cattle Resources to Maximize Profitability of Beef Enterprises Conferences
  • Nebraska Partnership for All-Bird Conservation Formed

Volume 8, #3 (Summer 2002)

  • Influence of Topography on Sediment Trapping in Grass Buffers
  • Vivien Allen to be Leu Distinguished Lecturer
  • Arbor Links Golf Course Opens
  • Center for Grassland Studies' Tour Showcased Golfing, Hunting, Ranching, Biology Education and Research
  • New Grassland Reserve Program in Farm Bill
  • Landscape Connections September 14
  • Gudmundsen Ranch Open House August 28

Volume 8, #2 (Spring 2002)

  • A Systems Approach to Production from Weaning to Harvest
  • Turf in the Landscape
  • Nebraska Grazing Conference in Kearney August 12-13
  • Center for Grassland Studies' 2002 Seminar Series
  • National Grassland Week in May
  • Global Virtual Conference on Organic Beef Production

Volume 8, #1 (Winter 2002)

  • Study Shows Importance of Biodiversity to Grasslands Managing Prairies for Biodiversity
  • 2002-2003 Nebraska Ranch Practicum
  • 2002 Nebraska Range Shortcourse

Volume 7, #4 (Fall 2001)

  • New Hosts of the Buffalograss Chinch Bug, Blissus occiduus
  • Grassland Opportunities in the New Farm Bill
  • Nebraska Grazing Conference Huge Success
  • Grazing Livestock Systems Major Enters Third Year
  • Great Plains Migrations Symposium
  • Promoting Prairie Conference in June 2002

Volume 7, #3 (Summer 2001)

  • The Lesser Prairie-chickens of Kansas™ Sandsage Prairies
  • Revisiting Nebraska's Mammals
  • Center for Grassland Studies' Citizens Advisory Council Tours Southeast Nebraska
  • Beef and Forage Specialists Tour Nebraska Sand Hills
  • Don't Forget the Nebraska Grazing Conference!
  • Landscape Ecology Symposium in April 2002
  • Grazing Sudangrass, Pearl Millet, and Sorghum Hybrids
  • Center for Grassland Studies' 2001 Seminar Series