(FFAR) Foundation for Food and Agricultural Research Grant

Enhancing Animal Protein Production through Crops and Cattle

Our primary aim is to increase the efficiency of land use by increasing the amount of food produced per acre by incorporating beef cattle onto cropping systems while improving ecosystem services to ensure resiliency and sustainability. Our specific objectives for this project are to:

  • Evaluate the effects of traditional and integrated forage production systems on cow/calf production,
  • Quantify the impacts of incorporating beef cows onto existing farmland on crop production and soil health,
  • Quantify GHG emissions and water budgets from replicated production-scale systems utilized in Objective 1,
  • Develop applicable budgets and financial performance indicators, and conducting socio-economic analyses associated with adoption of the new crop-livestock system, and
  • Deliver the results of the project to producers, students, and the scientific community.

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