Integrated Beef Systems Research, Extension and Education

The Center for Grassland Studies provides a platform for trans-disciplinary integrated beef systems research, extension and education. The complexities of a multi-faceted approach to solving the great challenges of profitable beef production and environmental stewardship requires innovative and efficient  administration to maximize the impact of investments.  The Center facilitates collaborations among and across academic units,  colleges, universities, system-wide institutes, state and federal agencies, public and private entities, non-profit and commodity-based organizations to assemble the needed expertise to address the Center priorities.    
The Center also provides programming which enriches the efforts in beef systems research and extension while providing relevant academic choices for undergraduate and graduate students and life-long learning opportunities for stakeholders and end-users.  The synergies realized by co-locating the following programs in the Center are unique and position Nebraska as the leader in developing and implementing integrated beef systems regionally, nationally and internationally.


  • Beef Systems Initiative - (funded by the IANR Agricultural Research Division, Nebraska Extension and participating academic units)
  • Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research
  • Multistate Hatch Funded Research


  • Bachelor of Science degree in Grazing Livestock Systems - (hosted by the Center and offered through the Departments of Animal Science, Agricultural Economics and Agronomy and Horticulture)
  • Grassland Management Certificate - (online) (hosted by the Center and offered through AG*IDEA, College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources and the Department of Agronomy of Horticulture)
  • Courses - [offered by the Center: GRAS 490 (Internship Experience in Grazing Livestock Systems), GRAS 495 (Grasslands Seminar), GRAS 496 (Independent Study)]
  • Beef Systems Graduate Specialization - (proposal pending)(hosted by the Center and offered through the Departments of Animal Science, Agricultural Economics and Agronomy and Horticulture)


  • Nebraska Grazing Conference - (Center is the host organization)
  • Beef  Systems Initiative - Producer and Community Outreach through Extension
  • Fall Seminar Series - (Hosted and administered by the Center)
  • Leu Distinguished Lecture (Hosted and administered by the Center)
  • Producer Seminar Series - (Hosted by the Grazing Livestock Systems Club and administered by the Center)
  • Newsletter - (Edited and distributed by the Center)