GLS Careers

The Grazing Livestock Systems (GLS) major prepares you for work in

  • farm/ranch management,
  • farm/ranch consulting,
  • grazing land management,
  • government agencies,
  • extension education,
  • banking and finance,
  • graduate programs,
  • analytical laboratories, and
  • allied industries - such as feed, animal health/pharmaceuticals, facilities and equipment design, and animal breeding services.

One of the first GLS alumni, Brandon Peterson, conducted his internship with the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service.

The photo at right shows him on the job as a range conservationist with the NRCS in Thedford, Nebraska. Brandon double majored in Animal Science and Grazing Livestock Systems.

"My dual major prepared me for my job by giving me the knowledge about things that I deal with every day, whether it be calculating AUM's or creating a map on the computer. I deal with farmers and ranchers daily, and the knowledge I learned from my professors has been of extreme importance in facilitating my knowledge of the land and animals on which my job is based. By combining animal science, range management and agricultural economics I am able to help producers maximize the benefits of the practices we develop to best suit their needs and protect and improve their land and the environment."

Karen Koch was also a double major in Animal Science and Grazing Livestock Systems. Her internship with the Purina company in St. Louis gave her an excellent background for her first position after graduation as an ingredient specialist with Land O'Lakes in Minneapolis. Karen later took a position with Charm Science in Dallas.

"The GLS program was an awesome experience. It gave me the opportunity to develop great individual professor-student relationships with professors from more than one area -- economics and agronomy in addition to animal science. These professors have been great resources and references both in college and in my career. The GLS major really gave me a well-rounded agricultural experience. I often apply knowledge gained in the GLS major in my daily career activities."

See the GLS career flyer.

Brandon Peterson, NRCS range conservationist

Brandon Peterson, NRCS range conservationist.

Karen Koch, ingredient specialist with Cenex-LandO'Lakes

Karen Koch, ingredient specialist with Cenex-Land O'Lakes.