Student Involvement

There are many ways for GLS students to be "active learners," increasing knowledge beyond that acquired in their courses and enhancing their communication and leadership skills. Here are just a few.

Participate in Student Clubs and Organizations

Student clubs act as essential partners in the educational experience for students in the Grazing Livestock Systems major. The clubs provide co-curricular opportunities that complement the subject matter and activities in the classroom, foster student development, and prepare students for life beyond the university. Many students join clubs to interact with students who have similar backgrounds and interests, thereby enhancing their experience while at UNL. Clubs provide students with the motivation and opportunity to become involved in campus activities, develop campus and community projects, learn more about their selected field of study, and explore career possibilities. Most clubs are student chapters of professional societies (e.g., Society for Range Management), and students have opportunities to attend local and national meetings of the professional societies. The annual highlight for many students is attending these professional meetings where there is a focus on student activities, including student contests, social events, and special sessions on job placement and career development.

Students in the Grazing Livestock Systems major are encouraged to be active members of clubs, especially those that are particularly relevant to range and forage sciences, animal science, or agricultural economics. Many of our students are members of the Range Management, Block and Bridle, and/or the Ag Econ/Agribusiness Clubs. The GLS students are enthusiastic about their club involvement and commonly are club officers. We encourage students to visit the Web sites of the Range Management Club, Block and Bridle Club, and Ag Econ/Agribusiness Club (click here for individual club sites).

Attend GLS Events

The GLS faculty arrange two to three gatherings each semester. Some are seminars that feature speakers with expertise in some aspect of grazing systems. Some are more social events. And each fall the GLS Internship Symposium is held. The symposium not only gives students who have recently completed their internship a forum for sharing what they've learned, it is also a time for students to interact with members of the GLS Stakeholders Board and college administrators during a pre-symposium luncheon provided by the Center for Grassland Studies. Some GLS events are open to other students as well.

In addition to several UNL faculty, the list of past GLS seminar speakers includes: Mr. Burke Teichert, Farm Management Company; Ms. Barb Cooksley, Nebraska Rancher; Ms. Sallie Atkins, Nebraska Beef Council and Rancher; Dr. Dave Barker, Dept. of Crop Science and Horticulture, Ohio State U.; Ms. Kim Stine, USDA - Natural Resources Conservation Service; Mr. Terry DeGroff, Nebraska Livestock/Ranch Consultant; Mr. Dennis Bauer, Nebraska Extension Educator; Mr. Michael Kelsey, Executive Director of Nebraska Cattlemen; Dr. Vivien Allen, Dept. of Plant and Soil Science, Texas Tech U.; Dr. Richard Knight, Dept. of Forest, Rangeland, and Watershed Stewardship, Colorado State U.; Mr. John Hanson, Turner Enterprises in Nebraska; Dr. Tom Boutton and Dr. David Briske, Dept. of Rangeland Ecology and Management, Texas A&M U.; Dr. Rod Heitschmidt, USDA Fort Keogh Livestock & Range Research Lab, Montana; Dr. Randy Jackson, Dept. of Agronomy, U. of Wisconsin; Dr. Barry Dunn, King Ranch Institute for Ranch Management, Texas A&M U; Dr. Dennis Ojima, The Heinz Ctr, Washington; Mr. Scott Peterson, Lone Creek Cattle Company, Al Steuter, Nebraska Rancher; Trey Patterson, Chief Operations Officer, Padlock Ranch Company, Ranchester, WY.

Students are also encouraged to attend presentations of interest in the seminar series of the Center for Grassland Studies and the Departments of Animal Science, Agronomy and Horticulture, and Agricultural Economics.

Apply for GLS Ambassador Scholarship

Students apply in the spring to be the GLS ambassador for the upcoming school year. The ambassador attends planning meetings of the GLS faculty and assists with recruiting activities and promoting GLS activities on campus.

GLS students who are members of the Range Mgt Club

GLS students who are members of the Range Mgt Club participate in the Undergraduate Range Mgt Exam at the National Society for Range Mgt meeting.

Dean Steve Waller visits with students

Dean Steve Waller visits with students about careers in the livestock grazing industry at a GLS Open House.

Dr. Vivien Allen talks at her GLS seminar

Dr. Vivien Allen, nationally known forage/livestock systems expert at Texas Tech University, shares a laugh with students during her GLS seminar.